How to Avoid Bad Software / Website Development Experiences

In this post I’m going to talk about things you can do to avoid bad software / website development experiences.
So you have a software idea, or a website, and you want to hire someone to build it for you.
You don’t want to come to the end of a project to discover that the end result doesn’t do what you want, or, just as bad, is simply junk, and full of bugs.

There are ways to dramatically decrease the risk that this will happen to you.

  1. Have a specific plan
    • What features do you want in your software or website?
  2. Choose Professional and Competent Talent; you want someone, or an organization that is:
    • Responsive: make sure that they don’t take forever to respond as a pattern – perhaps there might be once where something falls through the cracks, but it shouldn’t be a pattern – that could be a bad sign, and lead to a hassle or worse
    • Knowledgeable and clear: they should know their area of expertise – one way to double check this is to get a proposal, and how they would do it technically, in writing and then forward it on to get second and third opinions. Also they should be able to respond intelligently and clearly, if they can’t talk about things in detail and on an understandable level, that doesn’t inspire confidence.
    • Ask for examples of previous work – they might not have things exactly like you are doing, but they should have some sample projects that show a level of quality.

This is not exhaustive by any means; but it’s a start.
Take a look at other posts on this site to learn more about the planning and development process, so you can avoid headaches and come out on top with a good finished product in hand.

How to Avoid Bad Software / Website Development Experiences

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