Machine Learning, Python, and farther afield AI

I’ve been using PHP/Codeigniter to build an intranet API (interesting stuff in its own right), my side venture with a pre-funding startup has taken me into the realm of natural language processing, and I may very well continue deeper into machine learning in general.
It’s a very cool field with promise.

I’ve started working with the Python Natural Language Tool Kit (NLTK) that has some cool features.

Though the function outputs seem to work differently than the ones I have encountered before – perhaps it’s a Python thing, or perhaps it’s a NLTK thing. Either way it makes it a pain at this point to output the processed results.
I haven’t been able to get any really useful answers from Stackoverflow/groups, so at some point, I think I may just go the ODesk way and pay someone for the fix/answers. Should be pretty simple, for some reason it’s just not working out at the moment.

A couple of tools I that were recently brought to my attention were, a machine learning cloud platform, and Orange (, an open source data visualization and analysis tool. They allow someone to graphically build an analysis.  Even as a coder, this has appeal, to be able to explore or even do an analysis without having to program it.

While I don’t think a machine consciousness singularity is possible, the whole AI field could be transformative; making complex problem solving more accessible to people besides domain experts; and even doing a more comprehensive job of it.

Machine Learning, Python, and farther afield AI

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