My Software Architecture Background

— Software Architecture

Network Connection Tracking Application
Before graduating college:
The first larger scale web application I wrote was a Perl based application designed to track the campus’ port to switch connections so that you wouldn’t have to walk to a closet to check what the physical patch to switch  port connection. Basic form submission / lookup.

Workforce Assessment Scheduling Application
While I was at my first job out of college, I started on building a custom PHP/Javascript/MySQL assessment scheduling and tracking application for a workforce development organization. That application ended up being used in multiple regions and counties throughout the state.

That project scheduled and tracked users tests and their scores, with the ability to create printable reports, and a calendar to see who was scheduled when etc.

Advertising Deals Application
As a freelancer I worked on an application related to tracking advertising deals. I wrote things on top on the Drupal CMS platform with custom module code etc.

Sports Fan Retention Portal
As a contractor I worked on a JQuery application that that interfaced with a database to track sports deals targeted to existing fans.