Things I Would Like to Work on Developing

Robotics Development Goals

  • Low-Cost but Capable Continuum Tendon Based Robotic Arm/Leg System

  • Climbing Robot

    Climbing robot for tower, infrastructure, and building inspection (exploratory prototype started)

  • Continuum Robot Arm 3D Printing and Machining

    Self-configuring continuum tendon robot arm for non-linear 3D printing and machining

  • Robotic Co-Operative 3D Printing and Machining

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  • 2D Robotic Mobile Cutter

    Robotic 2D CNC machining for cutting out shapes from a flat material

  • Roboticly Enabled Remote Workforce System

    Robotic system for a remote manufacturing workforce where using haptic feedback, AR, and remote control interfaces, workers could do dextrous assembly and machine operation remotely.

  • Robotic system for remote cleaning

    Robotic system for remote cleaning where workers remotely control cleaning bots for homes, hotels, and public restroom areas etc.

  • Robotic table cleaner

    Robotic table cleaner where a small robot cleans and sanitizes table surfaces for home and commercial use