Accounting for Social Outliers – Teaching Software to Think More Like a Human

Recently a story got some press after Facebook launched it’s “Year in Review” app where a gentleman received a painfully accurate reminder that his year had been tragic: featuring a photo of his daughter who died. http://meyerweb.com/eric/thoughts/2014/12/24/inadvertent-algorithmic-cruelty His suggested fixes

Tag Making Javascript Utility Function

Want to make tags dynamically with Javascript? https://github.com/jasonmhead/makeTag makeTag ======= Tag making Javascript function Usage: makeTag(tag,tContent,tID,tClass,tValue,tAlt,tOther); // JQuery dom insert var tag1 = makeTag(‘button’,’Test’,’testBtn’,’TestBtnClass’,”,’Test Alt’,’title=”Test Title”‘); var tag2 = makeTag(‘input’,”,’testInput’,’testInputClass’,”,”,’title=”test title”‘); $(document).ready(function() { $(‘#node-9-tagArea’).append(tag1); $(‘#node-9-tagArea’).append(tag2); }); The result: