Working with local opensource LLMs

In the previous post I covered setting up GPT4ALL, and in this post I’ll show results of tests of coding and explanation. To keep up with what LLMs are doing the best here are a couple resources: Open LLM Leaderboard Open LLM Leaderboard Report A list of coding tasks suggested to me, and adapted, that … Read more

Photo Rig

Years ago I responded to an ad for a setup to take pictures of devices from different angles for a device reseller business.I built a wooden stand with 2 levels, put some lights on it with white light reflecting sides around it, and mounted multiple usb cameras on it, with a couple free floating cameras … Read more

Installing Your Own Local Coding Assistant (webUI and WizardLM)

Large language models (LLMs), made well known to the public by ChatGPT, are a game changer for creating software. Even for developers who have been coding for years the efficiency boost is significant, and the knowledge encoded in the model gives people access to knowledge they aren’t familiar with.LLMs like ChatGPT certainly aren’t perfect and … Read more

My GitHub Repos

My GitHub intro: Things I’ve put together: