Photo Rig

Years ago I responded to an ad for a setup to take pictures of devices from different angles for a device reseller business.I built a wooden stand with 2 levels, put some lights on it with white light reflecting sides around it, and mounted multiple usb cameras on it, with a couple free floating cameras … Read more

Installing Your Own Local Coding Assistant (webUI and WizardLM)

Large language models (LLMs), made well known to the public by ChatGPT, are a game changer for creating software. Even for developers who have been coding for years the efficiency boost is significant, and the knowledge encoded in the model gives people access to knowledge they aren’t familiar with.LLMs like ChatGPT certainly aren’t perfect and … Read more

My Tech Journey

My tech experience started with doing things in DOS on my family’s computer, and basic shape drawing.Then I eventually got my own one piece Mac and started building things in Apple’s HyperCard program that wasn’t unlike webpages actually, and did some basic programming for buttons / sounds etc. Near the time of college I started … Read more

My GitHub Repos

My GitHub intro: Things I’ve put together:

Data Resources to Feed the Machine

Here’s some data resources to feed your hungry ML models or other applications:Remember to check the data licenses for commercial friendly terms 🙂 Viva la profit 🙂 Ideally we can leave the web scraping and data gathering to others – at least one layer of separation and saving so much time. The Granddaddy:“We build and … Read more

Centralization is Risky

It seems that the part of financial crypto sector through failure is demonstrating the value of one of crypto’s core values: decentralization.Crypto didn’t fail, centralization did. Risk comes through a single point of failure; in trusting one entity. If a person or entity is untrustworthy, virtually no amount of regulation will guarantee their honesty and … Read more